Doc Miller's Christmas Trees
Eco-Friendly Choose & Cut

No Pesticides, Fungicides, or Colorants. Just Happy Trees!

Choose & Cut Your Own Tree!

For a Safe & Healthy Farm Experience, Remember:

The farm is a natural environment with stumps, holes, rocks, plants, ice/snow/rain, sharp saws, & other hazards. 

Wear proper attire. 

Watch your step. 

Use caution carrying children. 

No Dogs (Leave in Vehicle)

Hand Saws Only (No Power Saws)

No Smoking or Vaping

Pack-in/Pack-out (Leave No Trace)

No Professional Photo Sessions (Contact Our Farm Photographer Megan Holbrook at Zion Creatives)

Protect Future Christmas Trees (Seedlings/Baby Trees) 

No Vehicles in the Tree Field

Tree Hunting Only (No Deer)

Doc Miller's Christmas Trees

12666 German Church Road, Alliance, Ohio 44601, United States

(717) 706-5562

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