Doc Miller's Christmas Trees
Eco-Friendly Choose & Cut

No Pesticides, Fungicides, or Colorants. Just Happy Trees!


$45 Any Size

Taxes & Fees Included

Cash or Check ONLY

(Sorry No Credit Cards)


Canaan Fir: 5' to 18'

Colorado Spruce: 4' to 8'

Hand Saws Provided

Shake Your Own Tree

Help Available


Open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Every Day



December 23rd

Choose & Cut Your Own Tree!

For a Safe & Healthy Farm Experience, Remember:

The farm is a natural environment with stumps, holes, rocks, plants, ice/snow/rain, sharp saws, tree carts, & other hazards. 

Wear proper attire for the land and weather. 

Watch your step. Use extra caution carrying babies & children. 

No Pets (Dogs must stay in vehicles)

No Power Saws or Axes (Hand saws only)

No Smoking (Help keep our tree farm clean and green)

No Professional Photo Sessions

No Vehicles in the Tree Field

(And, no, we don't allow deer hunting either!)

Doc Miller's Christmas Trees

12666 German Church St NE, Alliance, Ohio 44601, United States

(717) 706-5565

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